Peter Karinsson

Holistic Practitioner


What follows are a range of endorsements from Peter’s clients over the years. All worked hard to succeed at their chosen objectives and they had fun along the way. 

" I had my first ever shamanic healing with Peter in the centre last week. I was not disappointed. after going in feeling pretty awful about lots of things that I had going on personally, I came out feeling, calm, relaxed and like a weight had been lifted. I cannot recommend this treatment or Peter highly enough. Peter was extremely professional and has a very gentle and caring manner. I would definitely return."


"I have no idea how you knew what you knew during our session but what I do know is that since then I've felt so much better, more positive and more like myself. You are the real deal. Thank you so much."


"I've been meaning to send you a message for a while now and finally got around to it. I wanted to say, Wow, what a difference in Alex, after the sessions with you she no longer goes into meltdown and can use all the distraction techniques you taught her.
Thank you."


"I had no idea what to expect from the Soul Retrieval session or afterwards. It seems that pieces of our Soul/Psyche fragment when we experience trauma - and who hasn't experienced trauma? During the week following my session, I noticed a distinct energy shift as something new began to blossom within me. Since then I have felt more "myself" with an inner confidence that I welcome back into my being.
Thank you Peter."



“What can I say?                                                                                                                                                                         

Some weeks ago, I was an individual that had to take stock of my life, particularly as it related to my business activities. I was going nowhere fast. I had just had the worst year of my career. Previously I had made excellent progress and received the appropriate recognition for it; recognition now was only a dream. Or so I thought. By teaming up with you on one to one development meetings, you allowed me to refocus my life. To leave behind the baggage of the prior year and focus on that" can do” attitude again.

So three months down the line where are we?

•    I have already achieved one annual sales target with 7 months to go.

•    I am on course to meet all other targets before the year-end.

•    I am confident in what I do and I have a clearer focus on problem-solving,

•    My self-esteem has returned.

These are only a few of the changes I have seen as a direct result of working with you.”

Robert   A.C.I.B.S. Royal Bank of Scotland                                                                                                                                                                                            

“I employed Pete to help me become the successful businesswoman that I wanted to be. Since employing him, I have developed in so many ways, both personally and in my business. He is able to quickly identify my challenges, issues and obstacles and coach me through to successful resolution. He also finds skills that I was not aware I had which helped me to succeed at the actions I agreed to after each meeting. Pete has helped me see things in a different light as well as enabling me to reassess some beliefs that had been holding me back for years. Now these have changed I have significantly improved my levels of self-esteem and confidence to the extent where I could become the Director of the Falkirk BNI chapter, something that I would never have contemplated before.

Pete has a very calm and relaxing style that makes each session feel safe and secure. He can be very challenging over issues, some of which are painful that he gets you to think through in a way that you can positively reflect back on and take action over. Pete's extensive business experience has been a great resource to me and the development of my business. He is able to quickly identify a problem and help me find solutions to it. He has also been able to provide extremely useful skills transference sessions in areas such as presentation skills, leadership, management and business planning skills.

Mary Managing Director MinutemanPress.                                                                                                                                                                                        

“It is with true sincerity that I write to thank you for your contribution to the International Coaching Conference last Friday. The Workshop Sessions were a crucial part of the event and the effectiveness of your role as a facilitator was vital. It is clear from the notes from the Workshop that you lead that your group really entered into the spirit of the day and produced much food for thought. We now have a wealth of comment and discussion from which to form a firm base for taking forward the Summit initiative. Thank you again for rising to the challenge.”

Pam Richardson Managing Director Coaching and Mentoring Institute                                                                                                                                                                                                    

“Peter's business and management planning template and his professional management approach has given us a huge boost forward. His focus on business issues and the way he helped our development of successful outcomes has led us to a far greater turnover position than we imagined”.

Wallace - Glasgow.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

“After working with Peter for three months my business doubled its client database, increased its turnover by 100% and reduced its costs by a third. The range of skills and experience offered by you was fabulous and as a result I have already significantly exceeded my business expectations.”

Joyce - Kleaneasy                                                                                                                                                                                                  

“Dear Peter,

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the time it has taken for me to get back to you. As you can imagine, the months prior to departure were extremely hectic as I tried to juggle exams, project fundraising and preparation. The help you offered me through the development meetings proved to be invaluable, as gradually everything seemed to fall into place and the team of 14 departed Jinja, Uganda with £7,200.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The project ended just over a week ago and I can proudly boast that it was a real success. During the four weeks we spent in at Kibibi Primary school we managed to completely refurbish two classrooms that we previously in a dilapidated condition. This involved laying a floor, complete external and internal plastering, installation of windows and doors as well a bright coat of paint and educational murals. We also managed to give the whole school a "makeover” by painting its six other classrooms, adding educational diagrams to each. In addition to that, we installed a water catchment system and an 8,000-litre water tank to provide the school with a means of water.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Due to the success we had had with fundraising and because of the hard work put in by the volunteers and Ugandan team, we managed to excel our original expectations and install two additional classrooms for the school to relieve the overcrowding of pupils in the younger classes. Due to time restrictions, we were unable to finish it during our stay, however with the money we have left behind and the hard work of Soft Power's Ugandan team; it looks to be finished before the end of August. I would once again like to thank you for your help with organising the project (and myself!), without which none of this could have happened. I am looking to make this an annual project, with next summer’s preparations already under way. I look forward to keeping you updated with our news.

Yours truly,

Sara James Uganda project leader                                                                                                                                                                                                   

“I would like to express my appreciation for the very real assistance that I received from the meetings.  It had been obvious for some time that both my team and I were far too heavily loaded work wise and it was having a bad effect on our collective health.  Despite clear analysis and formal recognition of this problem I felt that I was not getting anywhere in dealing with it, and that I was being treated unsympathetically by my line manager.  My team was becoming increasingly unhappy and I was struggling to hold the show together. This situation has now turned around completely because of the Achieve Leadership course and with a very specific and valuable input from yourself.  The development meetings, linked to the course content, made me think further about a different series of solutions to my leadership challenges.  In particular, the distinction between efficiency and effectiveness and our reflections on that subject have proved useful in bringing my Director and I to a better-aligned understanding of what needed to be sorted out.  This has resulted in a much more hands-on management style on my part, and some detailed work on reorganisation in which I have received some very good help from the organisation in tackling what had become an intolerable situation.  To my surprise, our too large workload (conceded by senior management) is currently feeling more comfortable, so I hope we are at the beginning of an era of good efficiency allied with better effectiveness. The focus on understanding individual idiosyncrasies has been central to this, and I hope my leadership style has improved.  The general atmosphere around my team now seems to be excellent, and if people feel good, they do good work. Once again, many thanks for your excellent help.

David Head of Culture & Heritage Highland and Islands Enterprise                                                                                                                                                                                                   

“I have worked with Peter on a number of occasions. Peter is a graduate of my NLP Practitioner course and I thought so highly of him that I have asked him to assist on several other courses. I have also worked with Peter on coaching programs and have been to several networking / training events he has arranged. I would say Peter is the coach of coaches, highly professional but balanced with warmth and sense of humour. I have seen Peter very focused on developing his skills through courses, study and feedback. The one thing amongst the huge amount of skills Peter possesses that impresses me the most is his ability to stay focused on the core business needs whilst developing his clients. Peter is brilliant at balancing all the competing needs and getting a result for individuals and the organisation. This is a skill rarely see in coaching circles and something I admire greatly in Peter.”

Rintu Basu Training Consultant and Author                                                                                                                                                                                                  

“Eureka! Peter, Thank you so much for doing a killer 10-minute slot covering 'Time Management' in our BNI group this morning. I think there was more than one Eureka! moment in the room. You painted a VERY clear picture of the structure of time with perfect delivery of several options on how to construct, manage, prioritize and motivate our business through the 'To Do's' we have in a simple but extremely powerful way. A huge thank you also for the 10 minutes you spent with me on presentation skills. I also have a new outlook on the 'FEAR' management you guided me through. What I've taken away with me is a completely new coloured approach to our '1% a day' improvements in our business. Keep in touch and thank you for your time again.”

Martha Tod Director at Full Circle Graphics                                                                                                                                                                                                   

“I worked with Peter regularly over a six-year period both in an employed and self-employed basis. His coaching skills are exceptional and he assisted me greatly in achieving key business objectives in a Banking environment. He also provided focus and direction when I established my own business which over a 4-year period more than doubled turnover in a market with an across the board year on year reduction in sales of around 7%. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Robert Donaldson Manager British Heart Foundation                                                                                                                                                                                                    

“I have worked with Peter for over 9 months. As a direct result of his coaching and mentoring I have significantly improved in a number of areas including organisation, time management, planning and delegation. The improvements have helped me to grow my confidence so much so that I have improved my existing business whilst at the same time set up two new ones. Had it not been for Peter's support, guidance and focus then I would still have been struggling. I would recommend Peter to anyone who wants to expand and develop.”

Lynn Adams MD at The George Bar & Local Councillor                                                                                                                                                                                                    

“I employed Peter as a coach to help me develop my business which is in a difficult and diverse private sector. I needed support to improve my business and develop some management and leadership skills, all within a fairly short time frame and without the intervention being widely known. Peter has a vast array of skills and knowledge and didn’t hesitate to challenge me when needed as well as providing me with tools, information and action based tasks all of which delivered exactly what I needed. I look forward to our quarterly development meeting and have to say that without his support I wouldn’t have got as far as I have.”

Business Owner Financial and market analysis                                                                                                                                                                                                   

“I engaged Peter to help me manage a new position, develop new management and leadership skills and learn how to improve my team’s performance. This was a tall order and Peter excelled in his delivery. Through his coaching skills, his team role and behaviour profiling knowledge and his management and leadership experience he was able to provide me with challenging and insightful development tasks, practical and powerful management tools and support which enabled me to exceed my expectations. All this managed with confidentiality and professionalism. Outstanding.”

Executive, Tesco Bank  


“Working with Peter has been an enlightening experience which has enabled us to identify and focus on our key business goals and create a strategy that actually achieves the results we want. Our time management has dramatically improved which consequently has meant we can increase our sales and expand far quicker than we had originally anticipated. Pete played a crucial role in our achieving our 3-year goal this year. We are now well ahead of schedule and our goals are far more ambitious. Our work with Peter has directly increased our profits this year and our investment in his support has been the best one we have made in our business career to date. This is truly a service for only the most ambitious businesses and individuals.”

Ruth Mckay Managing Director, Unique Marketing Solutions.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

“We started working with Peter over a year ago after he was assigned to us as a Business Mentor. During the first 12 months, he has enabled us to identify and focus on our key business goals and develop effective management strategies that have ensured we have successfully met each one. These have included: 1. Effective internal communication and staff development 2. A detailed business plan 3. A strategic marketing plan Our leadership and management skills have been vastly improved which has led us to areas we did not expect to reach for a while. As our mentoring support came to an end we were of the view that we wanted to retain Pete’s input into our continuing business development and agreed a monthly retainer, his involvement is that important to us.”

Directors Framework Osteopaths Ltd                                                                                                                                                                                                    

“The year we spent working with Peter enabled us to really focus on where we wanted the business to be within the next 3 to 5 years. Having clearly identified where we wanted the business to be Peter helped us to establish our present position and then provide very clearly set out, action based solutions and outcomes. This has been so successful that we are now well on in our application for a £500,000 lottery bid. Peter’s help has been invaluable.”

Paul Cruz Living Solutions                                                                                                                                                                                                    

“Just a quick note to express the thanks of the team members for your facilitation of the development day carried out recently. It was interesting to see how the individual role types worked out and this certainly gave the team some food for thought on how they need to shape their future development. The overall make up was interesting and certainly highlighted very well the different types required to have a successful team. The most beneficial aspect was the action focussed goal setting and action planning section. It was clear to us that we were not working in synchronicity with the organisation as a whole – we are now! Your contribution to the day was relaxed, structured and professional which allowed us all too fully participate.”

Norman Jack Divisional Manager Royal Bank of Scotland


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